Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Blacksmith's Wife

My friend Aydryan purchased a parcel of land last night and is going to be moving Sublime Shroud Kreations from the De La Soul store to his own place!  I've been holding on to his wonderful clothing line for some time and thought that...  well, what better way to celebrate his successes than to blog about them.

The problem was, I couldn't pick what outfit to wear to blog.  So, I started putting on this and that and the other thing.  I took pictures and as I took them, I realized that I was telling a story.  If I just move this image before this one and that one after the other one, well...  Look what we have.

So, Ayd, in honor of your new store, I present you with 'The Blacksmith's Wife'.  Ignore the crappy storytelling.  I'm sick and I woke up at 2am to work on this.

The Blacksmith's Wife

(Lady Waiverly)

She was the Blacksmith's Wife.  A gentle soul that believed in love and fairness and hard work.  She was both humble and royal in her bearing but that was to be expected given the path she took in her life.

You see, she was once a fixture in the hierarchy of the castle.  She was of a noble caste but had given it up all for the love of one measly commoner.  The Blacksmith had won her heart.

(Lady Drianna)

He would come to the Keep daily and leave her gifts at the fountain.  At first, she had no idea who it was that was leaving these gifts for her in her special spot.  But when he revealed himself at last and had begun wooing her, the Blacksmith won her heart.  So, she gave up that life of privilege. cast aside the opulent dress and became his wife.

(Lady Paisley)

For a long time, she was happy.  She moved about her day with a gentle grace that most were in awe of but there was always something about that Blacksmith's Wife that put people a little on edge.  Most would pass it off as the idea of her being noble born.  But some housed their suspicions silently and in the backs of their minds.

(Lady Drusilla)

As for the Blacksmith's Wife, she soon came to realize that there was something that just seemed to be missing from her life.  She found that she could not concentrate on the simplest tasks and that having to make choices was a chore.

The only thing that seemed to calm her nerves was being in the forest, hunting.  While hunting was not generally thought of as a woman's sport, the Blacksmith was happy to see his wife out and about.  It made her happy and all he had ever wanted was to make her happy and to make her his wife.  He had thought that he had both of those goals down but she had been changing lately...

 (The Hunter)

One day while out hunting, the Blacksmith's Wife came across something that she could not explain to anyone later.  She just couldn't seem to remember it.  But she remembered being shocked and amazed, frightened and enthralled.  In the end though, she passed it off as the work of the little people.  The townsfolk always did say that the wee ones liked to play tricks when you were out in the woods.

But the Blacksmith's Wife continued to change.  Her behavior became erratic and her eyes shifted to and fro as if she were waiting for someone or something to attack her.  The words that left her mouth were often startling and always completely unlike her.

(RenFair Chic)

So when the Blacksmith's Wife began staying out in the woods more and more often, the Blacksmith was saddened but mostly relieved.  The townsfolk had begun to suspect that his wife has been possessed or worse yet, was a demon herself.

The Blacksmith's Wife could not help the call of the forest.  She had to be surrounded by nature at all times.  If she wasn't, if she had to stay in town, her mind would addle and she would become more and more withdrawn.  Her words would come of their own bidding and mothers would keep their children from staring into her face, superstitious as they were.

(Xithanen Silks)

What those women did not know, nor the Blacksmith for that matter, was that when they were away...  The Blacksmith's Wife would come calling upon their homes.  She would dance for their husbands and enthrall them with her movements.  She would spend hours with these married men, giving into their fantasies and their darkest desires.

The men would not speak of this of course.  They all had made a silent vow unto themselves that if their misdeeds were found out, they would blame the Blacksmith's Wife for being a demon and bewitching them.  What the men did not know was that the Blacksmith's Wife could read their thoughts.

Her powers had been growing by the day and she knew that it was only a matter of time before everyone knew exactly what she had become.  Possessed?  Perhaps.  A demon?  Most likely not.


A witch?  Most definately!  An evil one?  Well, that remains to be seen.  All that the townsfolk would know was that the Blacksmith's Wife was no more and that she had been replaced with...  other.

Skin - [Atomic] - Grace Skin - Buff - Irish Green
All Hair - Wasabi Pills in the Chocolate shade
Eyes - IKON - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Celtic Green
Lashes - BEETLEBONES - Mesh Lashes V.01 - Dainty Black
All Outfits - Sublime Shroud Kreations (Store to come!  For now, visit SSK at De La Soul!)

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