Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Fate of Aislinn - Dead Muse Challenge

I had originally planned to illustrate my challenge submission with SL images.  I had planned to take and edit the images last night but when I got home but when I got home from work, my roommate had disappeared along with my electronics.  So, after calls to the police and the home owner's insurance, I didn't feel like doing much else than having some wine.

In other words, forgive me for just giving you another block of text for the current challenge.

Challenge #2:  Cards
Challenge Item"Okay, I paid the twenty bucks.  What do the cards say?"
Challenge Start Date:  June 20, 2012
Challenge End Date:  June 27, 2012

Sitting across from Lady Nadya, Aislin peered around the room. She was not sure why she had even agreed to come to this hell hole but Monica had told her that Nadya was the best in the business. Though, that wasn't saying much. Monica was a psychic junkie. As Aislin's blue eyes wandered around the occult shop, she let her gaze linger on each item. There were random shelves set against each wall, broken here and there with a small table or chest. Each shelf was crammed full of useless junk ranging from bottles of herbs to candles to books. In the middle of the floor, where Aislin and Nadya were sitting, was a table covered in a white silk cloth edged with silver moons and stars. Set in the middle of the table was a crystal ball in which Nadya was staring.

Nadya seemed to be intent on something in the ball but before Aislin could say a word, the gypsy shook her head in disbelief and removed the ball from the table and placed it on a nearby shelf. Out of nowhere came a set of tarot cards. Rolling her eyes, Aislin shook her head and then studied her psychic.

Nadya wore a purple bodice made of raw silks and laced daintily up the front. Tied to her waist was a fuschia scarf embroidered with golden threads that made up the look of some ugly damned trees. And to complete the mismatched look, she wore a teal green skirt that looked like it came out of some 70’s magazine. It was long and flowey with a tropical leaves print. Aislin was sure that this kook was trying a little too hard to make people believe her crap.

As Nadya looked down at the table and began placing the tarot cards, Aislin flicked her long, shimmering blonde hair over her shoulder and let out an impatient sigh. But Nadya was not to be discouraged. The brunette gypsy looked up at her client with a grimace. It was obvious that she did not want to speak of what she saw in the cards.

“Okay, I paid the twenty bucks. What do the cards say,” Aislin huffed.

“You are not wanting to be knowing,” came Nadya’s reply.

“Damn it, tell me who’s going to ask me out tonight,” Aislin demanded. “Is it Jason or Mich?”

Nadya looked down at the cards as a vicious smile appeared on her chiseled face. Her dark brown eyes hid something a bit violent but she did not act on whatever thought she had in her mind. Instead, she answered the question that had been presented to her.

“You will be being dead by hands of blackness, you will not be knowing why dis man is wanting you to be dying.”

Aislin rolled her eyes once more, even as her heart fluttered at the strength in the psychic’s voice. She sure as hell could not believe a word this woman said. She was just trying to scare her… right?

Nadya continued, “Eyes of ice follow you as you be walking. Stay away from the oak if you are wishing to be living on night of moon at fullness.”

Enough was enough and Aislin knew it. Standing up swiftly, she didn’t even bother to pull down her short cut denim skirt, she didn’t care that her hair was disheveled by the nervous hands that she had run through it. The only thing that Aislin cared about was getting out of Crystal Incantations and getting out fast. And as Aislin left the store, Nadya laughed and laughed and laughed. Her laughter was high pitched and wailing but it was laughter none the less.

Aislin, haunted by the laughter that followed her out the door, ran into the night. She had to get away from that crazy woman. Oh, would Monica hear about this. Pulling a cell phone out of her purse, Aislin pressed the key that would speed dial Mo. And when the phone was picked up, Aislin could hear in the background some form of party.

“You bitch,” screamed Aislin.

“What’s your prob, LinLin,” Monica asked.

“Not only are you at a party but you had me go to some kookie bitch.”

“Did it not go well? What did she say?”

“She said I’m going to die next to a tree tonight,” Aislin replied.

“Oh…my…god! Aislin, you need to come over here then. You shouldn’t be alone. You can hang out to me and I’ll make sure you don’t go near any trees,” Monica responded, her voice panicked.

“What the hell! You believe this shit? Look, I’ll come over there but you need to lay off this stupid psychic thing.”

“Okay, well, where are you?”

“I’m at the corner of River Road and Hawthorne,” came Aislin’s reply.

“Okay, you know where the field is, right? Go through the field and take your first right. Go up two blocks and then it’s the third green house on your left.”

“First right, two blocks, third green house. Got it.”

And with that, Aislin hung up her phone and started walking. It didn’t take her long to get to the field and though it. Though, with every step she took, she was getting more and more agitated. How could Mo send her to a bitch that would tell her that she was going to die? What if Lady Nadya was right? Well, it was a good thing that there were no oak trees around. Wait, what did an oak tree look like?

By the time she was done doubting herself, Aislin was half way through the field. But, there was this strange feeling of someone following her. Every so often, Aislin would look behind her but she never saw a thing. It was only when she took that first right that she noticed someone in the shadows. He was tall, she could tell that, and muscular. She could not discern any actual features but just seeing someone there had her in a panic. She began running and the figure ran after her.

Just as Aislin had reached the second block, third green house on the left in her line of sight, strong arms grabbed her. Before she was able to scream, a hand covered her mouth. She was not able to bite down because of the black leather gloves that the man wore. Being dragged off to the side, Aislin saw the street sign… Oak Street.

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