Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dark Raspberry at Innsmouth

Dark Raspberry was only difficult because I needed to clean my inventory.  Once it was cleaned (which took far too long and came with a very patient child allowing me to use our dining room as a changing room) it was a bit easier.  But because my little fashionista informed me that I was more 'adult' in my fashion choices, I thought I would step outside of what appears to be my comfort zone.

 (Please note, that is a knife in Leli's hand.  However, I had to bribe her to take this picture.  She was given an evening with candy and an R rated movie and she did not have to take a bath!  She also wanted everyone to know that she loves her momma and would never hurt me.)

I chose the Skull Eat My Pants from that I got from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt and paired it with Gisaci's Milla Milla shirt in Ukraun Purple.  Leli is wearing an outfit from Larnia Kids.

But the best part of this all was the location.  We went to Innsmouth.  Innsmouth is a Sim based on the story 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' by the grandfather of modern horror, H.P. Lovecraft.  If you haven't heard of H.P. Lovecraft...  Well, you should look him up.  But while you do that, I'm going to give you an excerpt from 'The Cthulhu Lexicon'.

[Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Seaport village founded in 1643 and located on the coast of Massachusetts between Newburyport and Arkham at the mouth of the Manuxet River. Since the 1840s, Innsmouth has been shunned by the surrounding community as cursed and diseased to the point of almost complete isolation. The citizens of Innsmouth suffer a strange malady which brings about the Innsmouth look and ultimately drives those afflicted into total reclusion. This look includes large, staring, unblinking eyes; queer, narrow heads; flat noses; and skin which isn’t quite right. As the afflicted progress in age, the skin gets rough and scabby, the sides of their necks shrivel, giving the impression of gills, and they go bald. The fingers are disproportionate to their hands and they have abnormally large feet.

Innsmouth was a bustling port during the War of 1812, though prosperity soon faltered after the end of the war. If it were not for a prominent sea captain named Captain Obed Marsh, Innsmouth may have died off altogether. Through trade contacts in the South Seas, Captain Marsh was able to open the Marsh Gold Refinery which remained operational until February, 1928. Other businesses such as the railroad and numerous mills also opened their doors in Innsmouth, but none remained successful. Near its closure, the refinery was reported to run on lean times, itself. Fish remains plentiful in the area, though the locals do not take advantage of the trade. Devil’s Reef lays a mile-and-a-half to the east of Innsmouth Harbour.

In 1846, an epidemic was reported to have taken over half the population of Innsmouth, and riots and other ghastly doings were reported as well. The epidemic occurred only a scant few weeks after Captain Marsh and thirty-two others were arrested for unspecified charges on Devil’s Reef one evening. Though never actually charged, it is recorded that the group was detained for human sacrifices and devil-worship. In actuality, the epidemic was a cover-up for an attack by the Deep Ones on Innsmouth after going too long without human sacrifices.

A winter-long investigation prompted by the reports of an unidentified male of horrible doings during the summer of 1927 led to numerous arrests during February, 1928. An enormous number of buildings were burned down or dynamited, and a submarine sent torpedoes down the abyss at the base of Devil’s Reef. At that time, the town population stood at from 300-400 people. Current population is unknown.]

So, take a look at the sim!

Nym's Credits:

Skin - Illusory - Love Honey - Winter Edge
Hair - Pocket Mirrors - Melvin - Black (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Hair Flower - Dysfunctional Dolly Designs - Hair Flower - Colorful 4 (Closed but opened under new ownership and now called Dysfunctional Designs.  May be available there.)
Eyes - Amacci - Emerald Eyes - 8
Blouse - Gisaci - Milla Milla - Ukraun Purple
Pants - - skull eat my pants (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Shoes - [ SAKIDE ] - Crocodile Boots - Black
Lashes - BEETLEBONES - Mesh Lashes V.01 - Dainty Black
Lipstick - [ a.e.meth ] - Matte Lip Tints - Brown
Blush - Amacci - Runway Blush Tattoos - Rose (light)
Earrings - Swaggers - Skullobs
Necklace - CONCRETE FLOWERS - Emily Necklace
Bracelet - ASO! - Leather Bracelet Cross - Brown & Gold
Pose - !bang

Leli's Credits:
Skin - Mynerva - Bianca - Champagne Tone
Eyes - 2c - Magnetic 7 Dark Blue Eyes
Hair - Truth - Danni - Raven Color
Outfit (Top, Bottom, Shoes) - Larnia Kids - Lisa
Pose - !bang


  1. Remark to the Dysfunctional Designs hair flowers - the freebie ones (which I think you're referencing) can be found inworld again at a little mini freebie shop set up temporarily.