Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sometimes... St. Patrick’s Blue

Sometimes you don't even know that you have a friend until they are there to listen to you.  Sometimes that friend can make you smile by a simple word in a text when your day is going rough.  (That word was 'boob' by the way.  Let me tell you how funny it is to have a client yelling in your ear through a telephone and getting a text that only says 'boob'.  Also, let me tell you that laughing at said text while being yelled at is probably not a good idea because the person on the other end of the line definitely doesn't think his situation is laughable...)  And sometimes, that friend doesn't know that they helped you through a bad time until you post a random blog about it.

Sometimes friendships aren't simple things.  Sometimes they are awkward or silly and sometimes they don't even seem to be friendships.  Sometimes those friendships came about in a random fashion.

Sometimes it's all of the above and other times, that same friendship isn't able to be labeled.

Nym's Credits:
Skin - De La Soul - Aestali - Frappe
Hair - LoQ Hairs - Cafe Au Lait - Black
Eyes - IKON - 'Sunrise' Eyes - Celtic Green
Lingerie - Schadenfreude - Bleu Cirque Bra
Lashes - BEETLEBONES - Mesh Lashes V.01 - Dainty Black
Lashes - [ glow ] studio - Lashes Italia - sexy
Lashes - [sauce] - lush riot ; lashes
Feet - Slink - Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Eyeshadow - KOSH - FLUNK EYESHADOW -industrial-
Lipstick - [mock] - Cherry Red Aqua gloss - [lip 0]
Lipstick - Filthy - Lipgloss 04

Zaq's Credits:
Skin - Buried - [-B-] Fate II / Fair / #o1
Hair - Buried - [-B-] Cody / +Dark Pack+ (Midnight)
Eyes - [Plastik] - [Plastik]- Haunt Collection-Heat Demon
Eyebrows - Violet Studios - VS - Baphomet Demon - Natural & Muscular
Top - Airflow - Polo-Mix (M) Type-B Black
Jeans - AOHARU - AOHARU_Jeans_VintageCrashed_Dark
Boots - ::NiCo:: - ::NiCo:: Military Coat Set
Ears/Earrings - :GAUGED: - :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Stars]

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