Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Royal Girls

Leli is always telling me that I shop too much.  The fact that she hates to shop doesn't help that it is hard for us to blog together on a consistent basis.  So when I saw these dresses from NAME HERE, I knew I just needed to get them for us.  In fact, I got the purple for Leli and I as well as the black version for Leli as she was in dire need of some dress up clothes.  I swear, that girl would live in jeans and a hoodie if I let her.

Leli's shoes are super cute ballet flats from NAME HERE and my heels are from Grim Bros.  Her little flats have the most adorable little bow on them while mine are covered with jewels and shiny black mini skulls.  The details in the heels are to die for.

I really loved the way the skirts on these dresses flow as well.  I love how it gives the 'baby doll' look while still staying classy enough to be a cocktail dress.  What impressed me was the fact that even though it is made for a woman, it is not at all unsuitable for a child avie.  Often times you will find the cutest outfits and think that they would be great for a kiddo, only to find that they have a heavily shaded breast area.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this dress.

Because Leli is more Tomboy than she likes to admit, I did not force her to wear any jewelry and I could not convince her to change her hair.  Because I wanted a nice matching photo, I chose to focus only on the skins and not the accessories.

Leli lives in her Mynerva skin.  She seriously would not change for the life of her.  But the details in the skin really are lovely.  It's a fresh looked skin that I have not really commented on before, even though she wears it in every photo.  The details really are flawless and I can't praise it enough.  If you or a kiddo are looking for a fresh faced skin, you should totally head to Mynerva and check out the demos.  (Hint:  If you want to MATCH your kiddo, they have matching skins as well.)

I had the change to go to [A]Limited the night before it opened and demoed the skins that they had available.  I liked all of them but the Harajuku Fun just jumped out at me.  I had to have it.  The pricing was a bit steep but that's only because they are limited edition.  There will only be 500 of each item there available.  When they are gone, they are gone.

Nym's Credits:
Skin - [A]Limited - Grace - Buff - Harajuku Fun
Hair - Truth - Hilary - Raven
Eyes - IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold
Dress - Reale - Victoria - Purple
Heels - Grim Bros - Pensees Noires Heels
Lashes - BEETLEBONES - Mesh Lashes V.01 - Dainty Black
Lashes - MG - Groomed Medium - BLACK
Brows - Cupcakes - Eyebrow Shape  1 - Black - Copper
Pose - .evolve.

Leli's Credits:
Skin - Mynerva - Bianca - Champagne
Eyes - 2c - Magnetic 7 - Dark Blue Eyes
Hair - Truth - Danni - Raven
Dress - Reale - Victoria - Purple
Flats - e.one - Ballet Flats - Black
Pose - .evolve.

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