Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dizzy Gray

I have to say that I love this image.  The face that I am making here is an 'O.o' face.  On top of that, the shadows came out really nicely.  But what really gets me is the outfit. The 'Hunted' outfit from The Sea Hole is so dreary and dark...  mixing it with the light and shadows was fun to play with.  What you can't see is the little wolf on the back of the skirt.  It's really a fun little addition that makes the skirt really whimsical.  I have been living in this outfit since I put it on a week ago!

Take a peek!


Skin - De La Soul - Aestali - Frappe
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Lola Mesh Hair - Chocolate (with clip)
Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire Eyes - 14
Lashes - MG - Swallow Wings
Outfit - The Sea Hole - The Hunted Capelette w/ Camisole & Skirt
Stockings - >Adore&Abhor< - Starlusty stockings - Lightning
Shoes - Ingenue - Abrial Boot - Ocean
Makeup - [mock] - Dark Kiss LipSmacker - Lip Darkening Creme
Makeup - [mock] - Turqtreuse/Charquoise eShadow
Makeup - Filthy - Lipgloss 01
Bracelet - ASO! - Leather Bracelet - Cross - brown x gold
Pose - evolve - stoic - 5

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