Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52WOCC - Iron

So, iron was a bit harder for me.  However, I have been wanting to blog De La Soul's new Gypsy Outfit since the release on 25L Tuesday of last week (or was it the week before?).  So, I thought this was a good enough chance to do so.

Well, I was given a sneak peek at the HUDs that can be added on to this little number before they came out and...  I just couldn't seem to really get out of the outfit.  There are so many options!  My eyes boggle at how beautiful this number is.  Take a look!

What you can't see in the pictures is that the skirt is flexi as you would expect.  But the fringe at the back, the fringe at the hip and each of the coins (or optional tassles) is flexi.  Not as singular unit but individually!  O.o  GORGEOUS!

The problem I see here is simple.  I suck at taking pictures!  You cannot see the texture on the coins well at all.  But let me tell you that they are impeccable.  And the cute little beads on the halter of the top?  Adorable!

I love how the fabric drapes over the hip and hugs the waist.  I seriously want to live in this outfit!  (As you can tell by how many pictures I took...)

It even comes with a coin purse!  Seriously people, the details are just fabulous.

So, I stepped out of the iron and had to give you a sneak peek at the things you can do with the add on HUDs.

Change your main fabric colors.  Change your accent fabric colors.  Change the coins to tassels and the color of those tassels.  Change the color of your fringe.

Suffice it to say that you can make this outfit your own.  So, check it out at De La Soul!

Me?  I'm just a happy Gypsy.


Skin - De La Soul - Aestali - Frappe
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Orion FEM Mesh Hair - Storm
Eyes -  Ibanez Eyes - Serene - Amazon
Lashes - [ glow ] studio - Lashes Italia - sexy
Lashes - [sauce] - lush riot ; lashes
Eye Liner - [ glow ] studio - Eyeliner - Boat
Eye Shadow - cheLLe - (eyeshadow) Dark Shadows - Brown
Lip Gloss - Filthy - Lipgloss 01
Gypsy Outfit - De La Soul - Gypsy
Headdress - De La Soul - Glaive Collection - Headdress
Navel Piercing - De La Soul - Glaive Collection - Belly Piercing
Feet - Slink - Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)