Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome Home

It took me quite a while to find a house that was right for me (and it took a lot of help from a dear friend).  At the time, I was really only looking for space that I would fill.  However, I have recently adopted the cutest little girl by the name of Monroe and we have had to mod the home slightly (read: mod her wall textures and remove the bathroom).  Now the space is perfect for us both.

So now, I welcome you to the Vale Family Residence!

I didn't do any structural modifications to the house and the only textures that have been edited will be seen later.  Everything seen in the above photo is by MMGraffiti's.

When you enter the house, you are met with a hallway and a large open area.  I have taken one half of the room as my own personal space.  The tree with the star and the wall art are from Art Dummy.  The bed and shelf is by MMGraffiti's.  The shelf comes with a photo that houses three photos.  The bottles on the shelf are from Drowsy and they come with notes hidden inside!  The tchotchkes are my favorite things to shop/hunt for.

Now, if you have never been to Drowsy...  I suggest you go right away.  It's not an 'easy' sim to navigate but the treasures that you find hidden throughout the sim are fantastic!  Just go explore it, see what it has to offer.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

The opposite side of my little slice of home is the living area.  The image on the wall is a texture that came with the house.  The couch is by Cheeky Pea.  The rug is by PRIME.  The basket is found at Drowsy.  Everything you can see in the kitchen is by MMGraffiti's and was specifically built for the house design.

With a better view of the kitchen, you can see that our home is very tiny.  But, it's cozy and it's perfect for us.  And here you can see more of the little knickknacks that inhabit the home.  The rusted cage was a find from Drowsy and the fishbowl is from Art Dummy (Monroe named him Melton Peterson the Fish, but we call him Mel for short).  Again, the kitchen is built to fit the design of the house and it all comes from MMGraffiti's.

Our dining nook is furnished by a shelf and knickknacks from MMGraffiti's.  The Octopus table, chairs and bottle lights come from Art Dummy.  (Are we sensing a theme here?)

This room used to be a bathroom but when I adopted Monroe, we moved her in and got rid of the bathroom to make space.  We modified the textures and put in a nice girly wallpaper.  Monroe put her bedroom set down.  The set is from *AR*.

When you leave the hallway, you go out the side door.  Sitting in the little alcove there is a bench that I just could not pass up.  The bench and recyclable boxes are from Art Dummy.  But now that I am going through this blog post, I wonder if there are any other hidden little gems out there that I can find.  I'm a decor addict and really, MMGraffiti's, Art Dummy and Drowsy were so much fun to explore.

Anyway, welcome to our home!


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